Carlton Gore Road – improved and APPROVED

By , January 28, 2015
Carlton Wide 300x180 Carlton Gore Road   improved and APPROVED

Wide streets are wide. Soon this section will have protected cycle lanes.

Last Friday, Auckland Transport finally achieved formal approval for the cycle lanes on Carlton Gore Road. This is a big relief, after the various re-design iterations and some public complaints about the project related to – what else – the removal of car parking.

But that this matter has been resolved, the relevant authorities in AT have signed it off, and construction is intended to be around March.

One nice thing we can now finally tell you is that the design has significantly improved over the last year. It will now include:

  • Installing cycle lanes on both sides of the road (from Park Road to Davis Crescent)
    • The cycle lanes east of George Street will have a half-metre wide painted buffer between them and the traffic lanes
    • The cycle lanes west of George Street will be physically separated – parking protected on the south side (except at the off-street parking driveways), and physical dividers (similar to Triangle Road) on the northern side
  • There will also be a new zebra crossing across Carlton Gore just east of George Street (rather than just a refuge crossing)

This is a nice change from the last design that was widely publicised, which did not have protected cycle lanes anywhere. It will also to our knowledge be the first facility in Auckland that has cycle lanes protected by parking, and the third protected on-road facility in Auckland overall.

One-two – two cycleway consultations closing soon

By , January 27, 2015

If you aren’t tapped out writing in, you can consider providing some quick support for these two projects:

Note: We know have previously called “last orders” on both these projects – but both got their deadlines extended by Council, so here’s another chance if you didn’t get your comment in the first time around!



Cyclist fined

By , January 26, 2015

Naked cyclist 300x168 Cyclist fined

Here is a legal question for you. If the man above was stopped by the Police in New Zealand, what is the most likely thing he would be charged with?

If you answered “riding without a helmet”, you get the chocolate fish*.

A man was recently stopped by Police in Timaru riding his bicycle 1. naked, 2. under the influence and 3. sans casque (as our French friends would say). The rider was promptly fined for his lack of helmet and sent on his way.

Good to know the Police have their priorities in order.

Is a nude cycle ride through Auckland in order. Does anyone want to see that?

*Full disclosure: There is no chocolate fish.


Standing ovation for massive SkyPath support!

By , January 24, 2015

11,382 submissions sent by Generation Zero from our joint SkyPath campaign!

28,296 views of the Quick Submission page!

We are overwhelmed…. and SO impressed

  • by the smart team at Generation Zero, especially Ryan Mearns, who was so modest and brilliant to work with,
  • by the massive support from you – the people who want SkyPath and pressed ‘SUBMIT’,
  • by your mates, family and workmates who produced 6,200 views of Cycle Action’s FB/Twitter post yesterday from all your ‘shares’

The campaign will carry on to make sure we make the best of the Council hearing when it happens in a month or more

Meanwhile …..take a breather …celebrate this success …and enjoy the weekend

You’re amazing, smart and loyal. We love you to bits!

Last chance to push SkyPath over the line!

By , January 22, 2015

Stunning! Superb! Stupendous!

We’re up to 10,000 submissions for our SkyPath campaign!

Huge thanks to Nico and Ryan at Generation Zero for their Quick Submission form – it’s so easy and satisfying to use!


If you’ve got time to read a terrific blog with bullet points to help you spell out the benefits of SkyPath – check out this from Lance Wiggs. Thanks Lance!

To finish – look at how SkyPath is so vital to giving us the magic cycling link!

Skypath seapath network Last chance to push SkyPath over the line!




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