Want more cycling $$ from the Government ? Click here now!

By , August 1, 2014

A big cycle campaign is underway now. It’s led by Cycle Action – Generation Zero – Spokes Dunedin- Cycle Aware Wellington and heaps of other groups who are working for safe cycling and better transport choice. 

On Yer Bike 300x242 Want more cycling $$ from the Government ? Click here now!

The campaign asks you to help us get more $$$ for cycling in the draft Government Policy Statement for transport, which is open now for public feedback.

Investing more money in connected complete cycling routes is the fastest way to improve cycling safety across Auckland and other NZ cities and towns.

The Government will soon complete Auckland’s motorway network, and in the next decade will be going gang  busters to spread motorway tentacles to the north and south and across the rest of the country. Funding for public transport and cycling is pathetic! Cycling is only 0.6% of the draft national transport budget. This flies in the face of public opinion showing our top priority is public transport and cycling for wider transport choice.

Auckland Transport’s surveys show that 60% of Aucklanders would cycle if they had safer cycling infrastructure. We need  off-road cycleways along SH1 to the north and south of the Central Auckland, across the Auckland Harbour Bridge and fully connected into every local community.

It can’t stop there -  Auckland’s stop-start cycle lanes are archaic and a scandal. AT’s consultants describe the 27% of the so-called ‘completed network’ as being full of holes and hazards.  We need them to be totally overhauled and the network completed within the next decade.

Aucklanders want safe cycling and choice for kids, families, oldies, newbies and skilled riders. We all know that even those who aren’t up to cycling want their loved ones to be safe and healthy.

If you want this too -CLICK HERE http://onyerbike.kiwi/


Fantastic energy for Harbour pathway project- Whau River Boardwalk

By , July 31, 2014

Last Friday I represented Cycle Action at the launch of this hugely inspirational project for a 13km walking and cycling route connecting the Manukau and Waitemata Harbours. I was blown away by the prospect of a north-south connector linking the Te Atatu Peninsula, the NW Cycleway, a necklace of foreshore reserves on the Whau River, Portage Rd and Green Bay on the Manukau.

The Herald is reporting on the project today.Whau Coastal Walkway Map Cycle Action Auckland 212x300 Fantastic energy for Harbour pathway project  Whau River Boardwalk  Here’s some of the highlights from Wayne Thompson’s story -

“As well as a draw for visitors, the 13km Whau project would restore the river’s nature, link existing parks, reserves, greenways and neighbourhoods and give public access to the river.”

“For too long we have turned our backs on the Whau River” is the slogan of a group, headed by Keep Auckland Beautiful chairman Iris Donoghue. She said the project would follow the example of the 10km walkway at New Plymouth, which was built in stages on the city’s neglected ocean edge.

This is a community- led project which already has a big head of steam, due in largely to leadership from Councillor Ross Clow and Iris Donaghue who were the stars of last week’s project launch. I left the event awed by Ross and Iris for their impressive leadership and success in combining funds from local sources and Central Government in public private partnerships.

Here’s more quotes from the Herald, this time from Ross  – “Partnerships have enabled all sorts of things to happen out here that would not have otherwise happened.

A prime example was the Government’s support for the $400 million New Lynn revitalisation but Mr Clow said three other strategic projects for West Auckland were enabled by “other sources” of funding. The Trusts Waitakere Arena cost $38 million. Waitakere City Council gave $20 million and other sources $18 million, including a $10 million grant from The Trusts Community Foundation (TTCF).

Cycle Action joins with many others who stood up to welcome this project to Auckland and applaud the superb work completed to date to bring it to the launch. We will be helping it in any way possible, and reporting back to the cycling community.

I can’t help thinking about the NZ Cycle Trail’s Kauri Trail which links to West Auckland – imagine if this new trail could be linked up to showcase the natural and cultural taonga that characterise Te Atatu, the NW Causeway, the Whau River and the Manukau Harbour’s Green Bay.

Cycleway update at St Luke’s interchange.

By , July 31, 2014

St Lukes realignment 1 300x168 Cycleway update at St Lukes interchange.A message from the team at Leicon regarding changes on St Lukes Road

The St Lukes upgrade team have recently realigned the right turn lane from St Lukes Road to the westbound on ramp of the motorway. The traffic lights and pedestrian and cycleway crossing have also been moved for this realignment. Please see photo below and take extra care when using this crossing as drivers adjust to the changes in road layout.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or concerns.

Thank you and kind regards,

St Lukes realignmnet 2 300x168 Cycleway update at St Lukes interchange.Elise Miller (Elise.Miller@leicon.co.nz)

Stakeholder Liaison Officer

Leighton Contractors

July progress report – Causeway Alliance’s smart team, NW Cycleway

By , July 30, 2014

The Causeway Alliance team is racing along with its characteristic style and courtesy in keeping us up with the play.  Here’s the latest update on cycleway changes.

Love the aerial photos, Sarah and Co!

214 93Q8899 300x200 July progress report   Causeway Alliances smart team, NW Cycleway

Later this week we will be installing a couple of site access control gates just past the Causeway bridge heading west. The gates will be similar to those installed just before the Causeway bridge and control the trucks entering site. The cycleway will remain open until a truck is parked and waiting to get onto site. At this point our gate person will check that the cycleway is clear before opening the gates for the truck. Opening the gate for the truck will then swing a gate in front of the cycleway as a safety feature to ensure the trucks and cyclists don’t cross paths. Once the truck is inside, the site access gate will be closed and the cycleway gate will open.

As you may know, in late May a small amount of asbestos was found in the area alongside Rosebank Park domain on the western side of SH16. We have a number of hazardous substance professionals managing it and the contaminated material is due for removal during next week in a way which is compliant with the HSE Act. It will require the removal trucks to have special equipment and the people on site to wear protective PPE. Cyclists will continue to have right of way along the cycleway but traffic control will be on hand to ensure the trucks and trailers are well clear before allowing any cyclists to pass. We’d like cyclists to know of this work taking place so they are not unnecessarily alarmed by people on site wearing white suits.”

NW Cycleway Causeway July 29 1 300x200 July progress report   Causeway Alliances smart team, NW Cycleway

Cars invading cycle lanes – does it bother/scare you?

By , July 30, 2014

Our city has a number of hot spots where motorists pull into cycle lanes to push ahead of vehicles in adjacent traffic lanes. It tends to be more common where cycle lanes adjoin traffic lanes near motorway interchanges, but the practice is not exclusive to these locations.

We had major problems with this two winters ago with morning peak hour traffic on Triangle Road, a major feeder road to Lincoln Rd and the North Western Motorway. Lincoln Rd is also a major feeder for cyclists travelling across Lincoln Rd to Central Park Drive to the start of the NW Cycleway. Imagine how threatening it was to face this in the dark and cold at the start of a 40 minute cycling commute into the city?

Triangle road 6 March 2012 300x168 Cars invading cycle lanes   does it bother/scare you?


Triangle Rd 2 of 2 6 March 2012 300x168 Cars invading cycle lanes   does it bother/scare you?After about a year of intense lobbying to AT we managed to get safe hit posts and armadillos installed to protect the lane. Problem solved overnight!

We later learnt that AT’s slow response was partly due to their policy of consulting neighbours about changes to parking and the road layout. AT’s new parking strategy should improve this by prioritising road safety over convenience for adjoining land owners who rely on using public oadside parking. We have made a submission on the strategy, and will blog it later today, so that you can support us. Submissions to the Strategy close tomorrow!

The Triangle Rd example shows the problem can be fixed quickly once AT decides to act. A local cyclist contacted us yesterday about his daily commute on Royal View Rd, where we asked contractor, Fulton Hogan to install a few safe hit posts to protect a temporary cycle lane. Our correspondent says”the safe hit posts on Royal View Rd are only there for the last 20-30m, but they have the effect of leaving the left hand side open for cycling as far back as 200-300m, because   motorists learn that they will have to move right near the intersection and pre-position themselves.” 

The same correspondent tells us he has been asking AT for the past 2 years for a few ‘safe hit posts’ on the Central Park Drive approach to Lincoln Rd. The red spots in his illustration here shows what he would like installed to train motorists to respect the cycle lane  -

central park 300x145 Cars invading cycle lanes   does it bother/scare you?

You’d have to say, given the resources of AT, this doesn’t seem to be a big ask. (And while they’re on the job – we’d love them to complete the great work NZTA has done by extending the NW Cycleway along Lincoln Rd towards Central Park Drive, and changing the road layout to provide safe access for cyclists across the Central Park/ Triangle Rd/ Lincoln Rd intersection. We’ve been asking AT for this for at least 6 months. This is the premier commuter route for people cycling in Auckland, so why isn’t it  connected up? )

Back to our topic – We’re preparing a list of locations so our city’s One Network agencies, the NZTA and AT, can install safe hit posts creating  protected cycle lanes to prevent invasions by motorists. We regard this to be a pilot project which should be able to be delivered in a few months across Auckland.

We need to hear from you – please add your comments to this blog to identify the hot spots where your cycling safety is at risk due to motorists invading cycle lanes.

You can see how effective a photo can be to illustrate the issue – send it to me – barbcuth@gmail.com



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