Auckland’s Biggest Freight Project – Why should Cyclists Care?

By , October 24, 2014
East West link 1 300x175 Auckland’s Biggest Freight Project   Why should Cyclists Care?

A view of the Onehunga area that will be most affected by the project

Deadline is this FRIDAY: Please submit on East-West Link, and prevent another of our harbour edges from becoming a motorway. Please consider making the following points:

  • Choose Option A, the existing route upgrade – we don’t have the cash or the need for massive new roads
  • Don’t build any new connections along the foreshore – the Manukau Harbour needs to be protected
  • Affected (or new) cycling routes need to be high quality - separated from motor vehicles, and ideally from pedestrians

You can give your feedback online.

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Want More Transport Investment? Be Prepared to Pay for It

By , October 30, 2014
obesity 300x225 Want More Transport Investment? Be Prepared to Pay for It

Dutch style “8-80″ cycling must be the aim of any cycling plan

Aucklanders  are being asked to get their minds around a couple of important decisions following the release of the Funding Auckland’s Transport Future report, by the Independent Advisory Board (IAB). CAA was one of the stakeholders which contributed to the report. The full report can be found at:

Whats it all about and what does it mean for transport cycling?

The first choice: What level of transport investment do you want? The Mayor’s recent LTP statement Mayor’s proposal for the next 10 years sets out two levels of transport investment, the Basic Transport Network and Auckland Plan Transport Network.

The Basic Network limits expenditure within the existing funding envelope but foregoes a lot of worthwhile public transport projects. There is substantially less spend on the cycle network, more than likely less than what is currently budgeted.

Beach Rd photo 4 300x199 Want More Transport Investment? Be Prepared to Pay for It

CAA wants to see more high quality separated infrastructure like the Beach Road cycleway

The Auckland Plan Network is more extensive and delivers greater benefits to all modes, but comes at a higher cost. About $300 million more per year, which will need to funded somehow. The Auckland Plan Network delivers all of the projects in the Basic Network plus more PT and
arterial road upgrades. It also includes funding for a faster roll out and completion of the cycle network so that by 2025 it will be 55% complete.

From our perspective it’s more like a Hobson’s choice. With the Basic Network you get less progress on building out the cycle network than today. Or accelerated investment with the Auckland Plan Network. The Basic Network would be a retro-grade step. We will be arguing that the investment in cycling facilities should be increased and accelerated under either scheme because the economic, society, health and travel benefits far out strip the costs.

The second choice: How do we pay for the Auckland Plan Network?

Should Aucklanders opt for the higher level of investment the IAB has proposed
two alternative funding pathways. Rehashing the Auckland Plan was not
in scope.

  1. Rates and Fuel Taxes: To raise the required revenue rates will need to
    increase by 1% p.a and fuel taxes will need to increase by 1.2
    cents/litre annually. This is in addition to any other council or
    government increases. This pathway spreads the cost broadly across
    households and businesses. The upside is that it can be implemented
    relatively easily and quickly. The main drawback is that it is arguably
    regressive and there is only a tenuous link to travel behaviour.

  1. Motorway Use Charges: A charge of on average $2 per entry to Auckland’s motorway
    system is proposed, which is effectively a road pricing scheme. It’s
    more costly and complex to implement, but the technology is proven and
    exists in New Zealand (think Northern Gateway) and overseas. The main
    advantage of this scheme is that it provides a direct link between the
    cost and those that benefit. This means that households and business can
    adapt their travel behaviour in response to the extra charges.

School Child Cycling 300x130 Want More Transport Investment? Be Prepared to Pay for It

Getting more children cycling to school should be a public policy for Auckland with funding to match

Auckland are going to get an opportunity to express their preference, of which
which pathway as part of the Long Term Plan consultation process, which
kicks off in December 2014.

Go “Boo!” on a Bike

By , October 29, 2014
witch on a bike flickr 300x206 Go “Boo!” on a Bike

Nothing worse than when your broomstick breaks down on the way to the coven. Luckily the bicycle was on hand.

Witches, warlocks, ghosts and ghouls will be going ‘Boo” on a bike this week at four Halloween Themed Rides run across the region.

Hundreds of Aucklanders are expected to dress up and head along to Bayswater, Sunnynook, Henderson or Pakuranga on Friday 31 October, with their bikes and helmets, ready to ride and enjoy cycling tricks and treats on wheels.


“Themed Halloween Rides held last year proved very popular,” says Matthew Rednall, Acting Walking and Cycling Manager at Auckland Transport. “We were amazed at how many residents banded together to explore their local ‘hood’ on bikes in costume, which presented a colourful sight for onlookers.”

Halloween Themed Rides:

  • Bayswater Halloween Trail, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Bayswater Park, Bayswater

Mount your witch’s bike, put on your ghost shoes and explore our Green route and its hidden treasures. Registration not required.

  • Sunnynook Halloween Ride, 5pm – 6:30pm, Sunnynook Park, Sunnynook

Sunnynook Community Centre Holiday Programme staff will create a fun quiz/treasure hunt for the families to complete. Bring a picnic and enjoy the sausage sizzle. Registration not required.

  • Henderson Halloween Night Ride, 7pm – 9pm, Corban’s Estate, Henderson

Join Sport Waitakere and Auckland Transport for lots of Halloween fun. Registration is essential by contacting Rochelle Young at Sport Waitakere on 966 3103 or 021 687 682.

  • Pakuranga Hallowheels, 3pm – 6pm, Rotary Shared Path, Farm Cove
steeplechasebike 300x199 Go “Boo!” on a Bike

Is it a horse, is it a bicycle!?? It’s a bicycle.

Meet at the park next to the Pakuranga Sailing Club – 40A Bramley Drive, Farm Cove. This Halloween make your way down to the rotary pathway for some spooky walking and cycling fun. Mount your witch’s bike or put on your monster shoes to ride or walk the shared pathway while you explore its hidden treasures! Treats & great spot prizes! Registration is not required.

  • Rotary Shared Path, Farm Cove

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Meet at the park next to the Pakuranga Sailing Club at 40A Bramley Drive.

This Halloween make your way down to the rotary pathway for some spooky walking and cycling fun. Mount your witch’s bike or put on your monster shoes to ride or walk the shared pathway while you explore its hidden treasures. There will be treats and great spot prizes for best dressed, best trick and most spooky wheels!

This is a FREE family event brought to you by Auckland Transport. Registration is not required – simply sign in at the tent on arrival.

For more information about Auckland Spring Cycling Events visit


Cycling cartoons

By , October 27, 2014
Yehuda Moon 300x102 Cycling cartoons

One of the Yehuda Moon cartoons

Cycling as a means of transport isn’t something we see a lot in popular culture, at least not in the English speaking world (it may be all over the place in the Netherlands and Denmark).

So I was really pleased to find this series of cartoons taking a light hearted look at a guy who is fanatical about transport cycling from an American cartoonist. Unfortunately the author stopped creating new cartoons at the end of 2012 but there are still 4 years of some pretty funny stuff to catch up on.

This is a summary of the cartoons from Wikipedia:

The titular character ran a bike shop, the Kickstand Cyclery, with his friend Joe,

Family Guy cycling guy 300x225 Cycling cartoons

The Family Guy cyclist – “…and it’s a great way to stay in shape!” – more typical of American stereotypes of cycling

and was often confronted with the challenges presented by his daily bicycle commute and the customers (or lack thereof) at his bike shop. Various characters included: the bike ninja, the bike hypochondriac, the ghost of the previous owner – Fred, the Shakers who built the bicycle frames, Thistle who worked in the shop with Yehuda and Joe, neighborhood kids, roadies, and commuters.

I think it is great that transport cycling is able to laugh at itself. I saw a lot of Yehuda Moon cartoons that definitely made me laugh at myself and some of the things I think and do while cycling. It is of course also a celebration of cycling and the fact it has a place in our lives that other means of transport can’t give us.

Another great satire on fanatical transport cycling is this guy from the TV show Portlandia:

Women’s Ride Month

By , October 22, 2014

Frocks North Wharf 300x200 Women’s Ride Month

This October Specialized Bicycles are kicking off summer with Women’s Ride Month to encourage kiwi women to get out and ride bikes. When it comes to bikes and cycling products designed specifically for women, Specialized have been the industry leader for a number of recent years.

Right through October, all around the country, Specialized Retailers are holding women’s only events designed to encourage ladies to take up cycling, get out in the fresh air and meet like-minded women. From beginners to those already out there riding there is something for everyone.

Each store is running a different program of events with a wide range from rides, to seminars and skills clinics. Some stores are running beginner road riding groups where bunch leaders teach first timers how to ride, stay safe and look after their bike. Mt Eden Cycles in Auckland have shuttled ladies out to Woodhill Forest for MTB Skills clinics. IRIDE in Wellington are collaborating with Lululemon to hold Womens ‘Yoga Rides’. CycleZone Rotorua will hold an instore cycling fashion show to celebrate the end of WRM.

For too long women – half the population have been under represented or marginalised in the traditional bike shop environment. We believe women deserve to be better catered for. It has started with the products we offer but we now want to extend that to the retail environment and the bike shop community activities like bunch rides,” says James Elvery from Specialized NZ “We are encouraging ladies; and guys as well to bring a female friend who hasn’t ridden before along to your local Specialized store and we’ll help you turn them into a rider.

Frocks on bikes 1 300x194 Women’s Ride MonthSpecialized NZ are on the right track with this initiative, and we look forward to seeing more ladies out there and other Women’s riding activities happening in the future. For the full schedule of Specialized Women’s Ride Month events happening near you this month head into your local Specialized Retailer, or have a look at this link.

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