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Changes coming on New North Road

By , March 13, 2013

In our pilot project with Auckland Transport to improve a variety of particularly problematic locations for cycling on New North Road, we have made a large step forward. Two design schemes have been developed – and have been found to be feasible and viable within the budget of the pilot project. The two schemes are:

  • New southbound cycle lane at Symonds Street / New North Road / Mt Eden Road
    • Scheme 1 Copyright Flow URS Auckland Transport 300x193 Changes coming on New North RoadThis will give you dedicated space riding south through this currently very tricky intersection [sadly, adding a northbound lane as well was too costly within the pilot project budget - we will get there another day].
    • The extent of the cycle lane is going to be approximately 100m length, in a nice reversal of the common “cycle lanes stop just as you get to the intersection” situation
  • Wider eastbound (uphill) traffic lane on New North Road near Porters Avenue
    • Scheme 2 Copyright Flow URS Auckland Transport 300x195 Changes coming on New North RoadBy narrowing the solid median, we will be able to widen the through lane to around 4.5m, allowing uphill cyclists to be overtaken much more safely than at the moment, where the right turn lane into Porters Avenue creates a serious squeeze point.
    • As AT were concerned about less experienced cyclists having to merge with the faster fly-over traffic joining from the left from Dominion Road, the current road markings will remain and still encourage cyclists to deviate onto the shared path. However, for those of you who already continue straight on anyway, this location will now be a lot better.

These two schemes do not have final approval yet, but are well-developed and feasibility tested, and have had constructions costings developed for them. There are no more known issues that are likely to prevent them. Funding for them is available. So – knock on wood – they can be constructed pretty soon. We will keep you in the loop on that, of course.

Regarding the “No Stopping” markings proposed for the car park merge issues identified in our earlier work, the first scheme above would fix the worst of the four locations, while AT are still working through consultation responses and potential layouts for the three other locations.

This pilot project has at times been frustrating for both Cycle Action and Auckland Transport – and it wasn’t made easier for AT by having to mediate between very strongly opinionated local residents, various stakeholders and a stroppy cycling advocacy group. This project is now going to provide good change for cyclists – many thanks to the people at AT who have worked on this!

Quick Wins: New North Road update

By , September 27, 2012

Uphill Section New North Road 300x225 Quick Wins: New North Road updateWe thought we would give you a quick update on the Quick Wins: New North Road project – which is turning more into a “Deliberate Wins” project.

But then again, one doesn’t want to end up wasting the $150,000 on design fees for something that can’t be built, or almost worse, on construction that doesn’t achieve anything…

So in the last 2 months, after a user audit and a safety audit, CAA and Auckland Transport have now agreed which changes on New North Road would fit the bill, and will now be taken to more detailed assessment, the key “go / no go” step.

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‘Campbell Live’ covers cycling pinch points tonight [updated]

By , July 26, 2012

Clive Banner Campbell Live covers cycling pinch points tonight [updated]A few weeks ago Lachlan Forsyth, reporter for Campbell Live and a regular commuter cyclist, asked me to feature in a film on cycle pinchpoints.

He was prompted to do the programme by a number of near misses with cars on Dominion Rd pinchpoint – part of the route of his daily ride to work. I offered Auckland Transport the chance to bring Randhir Karma on with me, as he is working with us on our quick fix pinch point project.

Bad weather delayed Lachlan from doing his webcam filming sequences. As luck would have it, this meant that he has finished it just in time to be screened tonight, one day after our attendance at the Coroner’s inquest on Jane Bishop’s tragic crash on Tamaki Drive.

Hope you get time to see it tonight, or now also on-line here [Updated].

Quick Wins – An Update & Parnell Road

By , June 10, 2012

How About A Feeder Cycle Lane And Box 300x230 Quick Wins   An Update & Parnell RoadHello fellow cyclists. We thought we’d give you a quick update on where our “Quick Wins” project to investigate and fix safety and amenity issues on Auckland on-road cycle routes is going.

During the last month, we concentrated on New North Road – and also received input from a number of you on what in particular bugged you there.

We have since compiled a report of all the issues we found and think could fall under “Quick Wins” to be fixed. They range from locations for short new cycle lanes, to changing traffic signals so that motorists wanting to turn don’t get pushy behind you while you wait for your own green light to go straight, to fixing a path pinch point at the entry to the City Centre.

With our report in hand, Auckland Transport is now starting their own safety audit, i.e. a formal investigation that will highlight the issues from the perspective of a neutral reviewer. After that occurs, we will overlap the two reports, and identify which fixes are most promising. And in a few months we hope you will start to see some improvements on the ground on New North Road.

Meanwhile, we thought we would contact you for advice on another route that is part of the 4 initial piloted for Quick Wins – the southern part of Parnell Road. What particularly bugs you about Parnell Road (between Gladstone Road / Saint Stephen’s Road in the centre and Broadway in the south)? What should be fixed sooner rather than later?

In our first assessment for example, we found the example shown in the photo to the top right – in this particular instance, the car drivers at Domain Drive intersection had left enough space for these two cyclists to get to the limit line. But wouldn’t it be great if we had a short feeder cycle lane leading you into an advanced stop box here?

Please provide your comments here in the comments section below – we’ll feed them back into the discussion with Auckland Transport.

Quick Wins for Cycle Safety – A pilot program of AT and CAA

By , April 23, 2012

New North Road Westwards 300x225 Quick Wins for Cycle Safety   A pilot program of AT and CAAIn cycle advocacy, we often face the question whether we should work to improve cycle safety incrementally, step by step (and more or less everywhere), or whether we should focus on transformative projects, real game-changers (but which, given the limited funding available, would translate to only a small number of such projects).

Last year CAA focused on our “Radial Routes” program to advocate for a number of high-quality (mainly off-road) regional cycle routes, and we are continuing to work on this long-term project.

Acknowledging that there are a lot of roads in need of faster attention, this year we started a new initiative, which we call the “Quick Wins for Cycle Safety“, or sometimes simply the “Pinch Point programme“. It is mainly aimed at cyclists who are already slightly more confident, but still don’t ride all that often, or not during certain times of the day, or not on certain roads.

Because we find that often things boil down to quite localised issues in our road network. It could be that single car park which forces cyclists to swerve out into fast traffic, that deeply sunken stormwater grate which, if hit by an unsuspecting cyclist, will sprawl him/her all over the road. It could be that intersection which has really wide traffic lanes, but no feeder cycle lane.

Many of these issues do not require a whole road upgrade for many millions to fix. All it takes is an agreement between cyclists and authorities that there is a safety issue, and a willingness to spend some work and money to fix it. In the past, we have taken these problems up with Auckland Transport individually – now we want to make this process more consistent.

We are thus happy to report that after exploratory meetings, Auckland Transport has now agreed to a pilot project, in which several roads will be subjected to a comprehensive cycle safety review. Parallel to a Cycle Action review of these pilot roads, Auckland Transport has committed to engaging a third-party safety audit, with a particular view to cyclist safety.

These two audits will then be combined, and the most promising changes identified and actioned (of course, constrained by funding – Auckland Transport has however set aside funds specific to fixing issues identified via the project, so this is not going to be just a paper exercise). And now we would like your help in identifying the issues!

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